The Jammu & Kashmir State Forest Corporation is a statutory Corporation established under the J&K State Forest Corporation Act, 1978. The erstwhile Government Lumbering Undertaking (GLU), which used to carry out extraction and sale of timber in the State, was merged into the State Forest Corporation. The objectives of the Corporation are better preservation, supervision and development of forests and better exploitation of forest produce. The functions of the Corporation are defined in the J & K SFC Act, as under:

  • To undertake removal and disposal of trees and exploitation of forest resources entrusted to it by the Government.
  • To undertake research programmes relating to forest and forest products and render technical advise to Government on matters relating to forestry.
  • To manage, maintain and develop such forests as are transferred and entrusted to it by the Government till these are handed back to the Government.
  • To perform such functions as the Government may from time to time require.